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Curly's Compost 20kg



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Curly’s Compost
is a magnificent rich blend of aged turkey, cow and stable mulch that has been bulk composted in windrows. With regular turning the mix reaches 60 °C which eliminates weed seeds and pathogens and results in a worm-friendly non-smelly compost ready for the garden.

Packed with all nutrients needed for healthy and productive plants, it has been tested and found to be pH neutral and the compost process ensures no flies, no smell, no burning effect on plants.

Curly’s Compost
is suitable for:

  • Vegetable gardening soil enrichment
  • Flowering plants and trees booster
  • Super garden mulch
  • Lawn revitalizer
  • Potting mix additive
  • Organic gardening
  • Encouraging garden worms
  • Natural fertiliser



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Curly's Compost 20kg

Curly's Compost 20kg

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